Friday, April 17, 2020

Are You Forgetting Your Stuff Exchange With Friends! Don't Worry, Add Details Of Your Lend/Borrow In My Stuff Organizer: For Home Inventory Management

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Nick and Jenifer were close friends, we can say home buddy. Their fathers were business partners as well as neighbors for years now. That’s the reason why Nick and Jenifer were friends as well.

As they grew together ,They had a lot in common. They studied together, had the same ambition and almost all their obsessions were similar. Even they buy their playing stuff together because of the understanding they share with each other. 

In their youth, they spend most of their time with each other. Generally they don’t even talk with other friends or don’t go out, there were also rumors spread like wildfire that they were in a relationship.But they didn't care much about what everyone was saying about them in the class.

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They studied together in class 10th. At a time when only two of them were playing cricket the ball went into the deep woods, and So they decided they would not go there to take the ball.

But the thing was the ball was borrowed by Nick from William. William was a mutual friend of them but William and Nick didn't go well together one of the reasons was Nick was always stuck with Jenifer. When William got to know that the ball was lost he told him to get it back anyhow since it was signed by Mike Trout, The Famous Baseball Player. 

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Nick argued that it was just a normal ball which he borrowed from William. So William took his family to Nick's Family and complained about this. Nick’s father argued to William that he is a liar and the ball was just a normal ball. They ask the proof to William that the ball is really signed by Mike Trout. But William didn't have any proof about it.

So from that point onward William’s father decided that he will make a list of what he owes because of this incident. He thinks if he has a list he can claim anything that he lends to he starts preparing the list but suddenly he realizes that it takes a lot of time and if this paper will burn or lose what he will do. So they searched on google about how to make a Proper Home inventory. So they got a result that there is an app called My Stuff Organizer: For Home Inventory Management; Makes your work easy and less time consuming to manage all your home stuff at just a single tap.

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This Home inventory Management app lets him create a visual record of his stuff and the ability to tag photos and add details about items, Stock, Purchase/Warranty Date such as the amount you paid for them.

He was also able to categorize stuff with inbuilt place, people, lend/Borrow options and also sort them in alphabetical order, number of quantity, Price from high to low. Which helps him to manage all his stuff in the category of room.

So all i can say is, don’t compromise with your Home Stuff just download this free app and start to manage all your products with the help of this app. 

Download the app from here.

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